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Luxury Replica Rolex Watches

rolex replica

Why is it so that people fascinate on buying a Rolex watch for themselves? I mean the primary use that any watch will be put to is showing the bearer the correct time so why spending thousands on one watch when we have numerous options available.

These days’ people take luxury replica watches as fashion accessories and status symbols. The one who has a Rolex or Tag Heuer or Swiss made watch on his or her wrist is surely considered as a powerful personality. Naturally everyone aspires to own such a watch once in their life but the extraordinarily high prices prevents them from doing so.

So what is it that makes these watches unique? Why are people willing to spend fortunes on these watches? Why is it that owning such a watch is a matter of pride?

The company was started by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis in 1905. Since then Rolex is known as the largest luxury watch producing company. What made Rolex special is it was the first brand who introduced the concept on automatic date changing mechanism on the dial and also showed two time zones at the same time. Rolex in today’s date is known for its class, make, design and eloquence. Rolex is known for its richness and elegance. Having a Rolex on one’s wrist symbolises power, prestige and class.

However while buying Rolex one should be very careful as the replicas of these watches are available too and most of them used advanced counterfeit methods so that it’s not easily recognisable. The only thing one can do to assure that it is the real Rolex is taking it to a known jeweller or a watchmaker who is specialised in repairing such luxury watches.

Buying a Rolex needs a lot of investment one cannot risk buying a fake one. One should always be very careful as Rolex is amongst the most copied watches in this world. Rolex watches have a very fine mechanism; cloning that is not a very easy job. Counterfeiters are well aware of this fact and hence they try every possible way to conceal these signs.

The most common sign one can look for is that the fake Rolex will not be made up of real gold so one must look for signs of any other metal used. Gold is most probably heavier than other metals so a real Rolex would be heavier as compared to artificial ones. Silver Rolex watches are made up of stainless steel which is yet another heavy metal. The next way to identify a real Rolex is that it must have a design number inscribed in it between the lugs at the 12th position. And at 6th position there must be a registered serial number. If any of these numbers is missing, one can be sure of being cheated.

It is a matter of pride to own a Rolex watch. It provides a peace of mind to the customers to owns a watch that has been made and designed by experts and is known for its royalty.